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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Verizon's Motorola Droid is a brand-new phone today. Like many smartphones before it, the Droid has been rooted so that owners of the Android 2.0-based smartphone can install multitouch support (including pinch-to-zoom gestures), enhanced themes and other previously forbidden goodies."
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RE: Comment by cerbie
by FunkyELF on Fri 11th Dec 2009 18:38 UTC in reply to "Comment by cerbie"
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Well, now people get to play. It's hardly surprising that Verizon would have features disabled. Given that the platform as a whole is so open, of course they can only keep it locked down to a small degree.

The question is, do you lose anything by making your phone hackable (the good kind of hackable)? If not, then let's just see what users do, and hope Verizon does not go shooting themselves in the foot.

Rooting your Droid won't get around some of the things that Verizon has disabled. I think Exchange support for one will still be blocked because they're doing it at the network level based on protocol or something.

Stupid Verizon. Pay us $45 a month for unlimited (limited to 5GB) access to the internet (well, most of the internet, exchange servers cost you more to connect to).

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RE[2]: Comment by cerbie
by rstat1 on Sat 12th Dec 2009 05:45 in reply to "RE: Comment by cerbie"
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Firstly, the Droid has exchange support. Not been disabled.

Secondly, the data plan is $29 a month, for unlimited data. The 5GB cap is for folks who use VZW's BroadbandAccess crap.

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