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Gnome Over the weekend, there has been a bit of a ruffling of the feathers over in the GNOME camp. It started with complaints received about the content on Planet GNOME, and ended with people proposing and organising a vote to split GNOME from the GNU Project.
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RE: Spectrum of opinion.
by silix on Tue 15th Dec 2009 19:41 UTC in reply to "Spectrum of opinion."
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I disagree with him, but I believe it's good to have radicals like RMS.

i who work as a sw developer find his very existence utterly embarrassing since stallman put me (and all those like me) in the same league as murderers and rapists, but to each his own opinion, i guess

It is important to have a spectrum of opinion, because the existence of the extremists is what makes the more moderate opinions seem moderate.

moderate opinions does not seem such because they are "more moderate" than current extremists
they are moderate because they come from people who acts and reasons pragmatically (instead of dogmatically) and (more important) respects other's opinions and arguments even when they dissent - common traits of moderate people, the opposite of what an extremist or radical usually is and does

Being an extremist is merely being at the edge of a spectrum of opinion.

except that being a character trait, what makes someone an extremist (or moderate) person, isnt strictly tied to a specific topic but affects all aspects of public conduct as far as expressing opinions (and discussin them with others) is concerned, or applies to all kinds of public endeavours where people don't agree on something

If extremists like RMS weren't there, the spectrum of opinion would be narrower, but those on the edge would still be viewed as extremists.
So those open source advocates out there who are seen as fairly moderate can thank RMS for that. Without him we'd be the extremists.

current moderates have none of the traits (blind faith, leader's personality cult, "black or white" "with us or against us" attitude wrt others and so on) of other extremist social, religious, political fringes (namely communists, fascists, talibans), so it's not like they would be considered in the same league, if RMS and his followers (who on the contrary share the aforementioned traits) weren't there
just, the FOSS one would be described as a single, friendly, open and pragmatical community

As for what the GNOME project should do, I guess they should probably leave the GNU.

that would be funny, since GNOME stands for GNU Network Object Model Environment, ie GNOME is supposed to be an integral part of the GNU - i'm somewhat inclined to think that if GNOME spins off, the whole GNU ecosystem will start to fall apart in some time..

The GNU was originally a grand plan to create an OS

of which GNOME was supposed to be what the WorkPlace Shell was for OS/2, the official GUI and graphical environment

So what is the GNU now, other than a loose collection of software projects with a common set of values.So if GNOME doesn't fit with those values any more, then it really doesn't belong in the GNU.

but the point is: what are those values?
at the very beginning, free software was (or was depicted as being) about giving something (value, power, customizeability, assurance, at least choice) to the user - thus FOSS was user centric (by definition)
immediately after that came the vision of a world without proprietary software, thus a world without people like me and without professional applications ( since, you know, individual hobbysts hardly have the time, programming skills, and field knowledge to implement another AutoCAD or Photoshop), and the exploitation of half baked, perpetual beta software to push one man's agenda and values onto others (something that i'm personally disgusted by, and which has convinced me to quit touching linux or anything foss to even avoid dirtying myself with senseless idiocy)

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RE[2]: Spectrum of opinion.
by Morty on Tue 15th Dec 2009 22:17 in reply to "RE: Spectrum of opinion."
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"As for what the GNOME project should do, I guess they should probably leave the GNU.

that would be funny, since GNOME stands for GNU Network Object Model Environment,

Quite funny, since they already abandoned the Network Object Model part years ago.

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