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Mac OS X MacNN has just published an important news item regarding the future of the Mac OS X version of the VLC mdia player. According to VLC's developers, the Mac version is at risk of being discontinued due to a lack of developers. Update: The VLC developers claim that Apple is working against them: "Apple doesn't want us on the Mac platform and is blocking us a lot, and refuses to explain why."
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RE[2]: Why?
by kaiwai on Thu 17th Dec 2009 01:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Why?"
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"Incidentally, the Windows port is the most popular, and the Mac port is almost crucial for the Mac platform (those "codec packs" are crap).

I use QT-X for almost all of my needs (particularly the quick look component), using perian as a one-size-fits-all codec pack. Well, that and flip4mac. So I would personally disagree with you on that perian is "crap".

However, VLC is a great project and i would be very sad to see it go though!

I think alot of the criticisms regarding Perian has to do with incompatibilities between Snow Leopard and Perian 1.1.4 (latest at time of this post). I understand, however, that Perian 1.2 has apparently addressed all those short comings which hopefully will mean that it'll perform alot better.

As for VLC, it is a great swiss army knife of media players, however, you'll find that there just isn't the focus by developers because from what I see in the Mac world people are more interested in extending functionality of existing applications - Perian plugins for Quicktime being the prime example of that.

What I'd love to see is a greater push by Apple to create a large developer ecosystem around their products; extend MacOSForge to more than just Apple stuff but to also get third party projects listed on there as well - offer access to hardware, software etc. to lower the cost of entry.

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