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GNU, GPL, Open Source Yesterday, we reported that the Software Freedom Law Center had started a lawsuit against several companies who they claim violated the GPL. The subject of the violation was BusBox, and the SFLC claims it is operating on behalf of the authors of BusyBox. Original BusyBox author Bruce Perens, however, begs to differ.
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Off the wall idea here. (kinda sarcastic just cuz no one thought of it) so i'm kinda ignorant but i think in the GPL is where it is sepcified that a package which is under the GPL must contain a readme file with howto install run and a description (maybe no description) of the package. So why not have a writ to have an Authors file that contains who commited what code , at which revision, and ruffly the % of their current code in the current version (ok last part seems kinda like a nightmare unless the coder added comments on where their stuff ended and began.) Either way how hard can it be to keep a _ required _ file in all packages to who actaully wrote the source.

From here scrips could be written to check Author Files for consistancy. Say one dev's code is removed and they are not longer in the project for app "X" So this is commented in the Authors file and kept clean and clear, oh how usefull would this be? (SCO any one?)

Alright I'm Out.

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