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Mac OS X MacNN has just published an important news item regarding the future of the Mac OS X version of the VLC mdia player. According to VLC's developers, the Mac version is at risk of being discontinued due to a lack of developers. Update: The VLC developers claim that Apple is working against them: "Apple doesn't want us on the Mac platform and is blocking us a lot, and refuses to explain why."
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Am I Missing Something Here?
by jweinraub on Thu 17th Dec 2009 19:33 UTC
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Okay, I don't fully understand what Apple is doing to prevent VLC from developing on the OS X system. Regardless of the reasoning, but what exactly is Apple doing to make it known to Video LAN that they are not wanted. Has Apple sent nasty letters? What do these letters day? What is it that Video LAN is having difficulties with?

I am trying to understand what Apple is doing, not why.

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RE: Am I Missing Something Here?
by Praxis on Thu 17th Dec 2009 21:22 in reply to "Am I Missing Something Here?"
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I am likewise a bit confused as to how apple could be impeding development. I can only assume this is some form of miscommunication until I get further informations, because I seriously can't think of a way apple could single out vlc and hinder their application without doing something that would also piss off a whole sea of third party devs. In which case we would have heard about before this.

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