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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu In a surprise move (at least, it was surprising to me), Ubuntu founder and Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth has announced he's stepping down as the CEO of Canonical, the commercial endeavour behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution. He will continue, however, to play major role in the company and Ubuntu's future.
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I thought that applet had a settings dialog. Mine did in 9.04, where you could select what to display. I think the options were "username", "icon", and something similar. I know I changed mine to a user icon just because I didn't want it to take up space.

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It did have a settings dialog on 9.04, but it seems to have been removed on 9.10. I don't know if this was a Ubuntu or GNOME decision. I really don't see any logic behind it. 99.99% of the time, the user knows who is logged in and doesn't need to see their name on the panel 100% of the time.

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...the user knows who is logged in...

I agree. Love it or hate it, but on the desktop and with Ubuntu, the majority of the systems are single user systems. Most ordinairy people don't know about or don't want to use the multi-user nature of Linux. (Heck I know of the advantages of multiple users and I don't even use it. My BF and I use one account.)

For these systems to show who is logged all the time is superfluous. Make it an option to do so if it is desired, but the default should just show something space efficient. It doesn't really bother me on our 24" screen, but I don't like it one bit on our 9" netbook.

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It was an Ubuntu decision. The settings dialog exists on my Mandriva and it has always been there on all the other distros I've tried.

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