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Mac OS X Late last night (CET), we reported on the story that the VLC project needed more developers for the Mac version of this popular video player, or else the Mac variant may disappear. Just about every website out there reported on this issue, but it turns out it all got a bit exaggerated (on the internet? Surely you jest...). We spoke to VLC developer Pierre d'Herbemont to clarify the issue, and they've also put up a wiki page about the so-called demise of the Mac version of VLC. He also detailed what, exactly, they meant by "Apple is blocking us".
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RE: Not Mac Enough
by Kroc on Fri 18th Dec 2009 09:03 UTC in reply to "Not Mac Enough"
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It’s like the difference between Camino and Firefox on Mac. Sure they look samey enough, but Camino under the hood is a whole world more native on the Mac because of all the little touches. People who’ve used the Mac platform for several years care about these things because they grate when it’s not done properly. And I’ll regret saying this, but those on other platforms looking in on Mac stories wouldn’t understand this. I’m still discovering nice little touches in OS X four years later. Being native matters more on OS X than any other platform.

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RE[2]: Not Mac Enough
by bryanv on Fri 18th Dec 2009 15:04 in reply to "RE: Not Mac Enough"
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I'd argue that being native on OS X is about as important as being native on BeOS.

Sure, you can get something else to run, but it'll suck in comparison.

Or to put it in a less gentle way:

You can put Grandma in a dress and take her to prom, but it doesn't mean she's going to get lucky.

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RE[3]: Not Mac Enough
by Ed W. Cogburn on Fri 18th Dec 2009 17:13 in reply to "RE[2]: Not Mac Enough"
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Sure, you can get something else to run, but it'll suck in comparison.

Unless, of course, there *is* nothing else to run, because none of the relatively few available devs for your platform have yet to get around to reinventing that wheel. Or maybe the 'native' alternatives look real pretty, but suck on features...

If your and the GP's attitude is typical then no wonder VLC is having problems on the Mac side. Apparently, VLC would only be welcome on the Mac if it were a native OSX app.

Typical platform/DE elitism. No different than GTK/Qt fanboys refusing to use Qt/GTK apps just because they don't 'blend in'.

How ironic that 'that other platform' thats kicking all of our asses is controlled by a company that, for whatever reason (by accident or incompetence, you decide), never did get around to establishing a deep, consistent, universal look-act-n-feel (even this company's own apps don't all look/behave the same) and thus their platform never really fell into this elitism trap... and that is probably part of the reason *why* they are kicking our asses. They're too busy cranking out more apps to worry about how things are 'blending in'.

Me? If it works for me, and its better than the alternatives, I'll use it, no matter its origin.

Anyway, ya'll have fun reinventing all those wheels, I've got work to do...

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