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GNU, GPL, Open Source Yesterday, we reported that the Software Freedom Law Center had started a lawsuit against several companies who they claim violated the GPL. The subject of the violation was BusBox, and the SFLC claims it is operating on behalf of the authors of BusyBox. Original BusyBox author Bruce Perens, however, begs to differ.
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RE[6]: Why GPL then?
by Ed W. Cogburn on Fri 18th Dec 2009 12:08 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Why GPL then?"
Ed W. Cogburn
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At what point can a distributor of GPL-enabled products simply say: "Not my fault, go to the OEM" - I believe several of the manufacturers being sued here have in fact already made that excuse (VersaTek claimed their OEM vendor used GPL, and it wasn't their fault).

VersaTek isn't a retail reseller like Walmart is. They are an OEM that used another OEM part that violated the GPL, without doing the usual due diligence before you use someone else's component in your own product (they apparently never even bothered to *look* at what was on that SOC they used - how many OEM's make *that* kind of mistake?).

If you're a systems integrator like VersaTek, then you can call it a slippery slope if you want, but your original 'slippery slope' example involved Walmart, a pure retail reseller, and I still don't see that.

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