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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless We have lots of Palm new for you today, since the company released its quarterly results yesterday. The company also opened up public beta access to Ares, its browser-based integrated development environment for the webOS. Which to me, as a non-developer, looks totally awesome. webOS 1.3.5 is also on its way, which will bring battery life and performance improvements, among other things.
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by tchristney on Fri 18th Dec 2009 17:33 UTC
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I'll have to try it out to make an informed decision, but Ares looks like a good idea. Only thing is, I am still living in the cell phone dark ages so I have no itches to scratch at the moment. I hope there is the ability to use Ares off line though. There are cases where you don't have web access and still want to be productive.

One thing I don't understand though, is why people seem to think that JS == easy and C/C++/Obj-C == hard. For me, and I suspect for many other developers, the opposite is true.

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RE: Cool...
by moondevil on Sun 20th Dec 2009 17:06 in reply to "Cool..."
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Easy, C/C++/Obj-C == insecure code.

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