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Hardware, Embedded Systems In a very unsurprising move, Psystar is closing up shop. It will fire its eight employees, and be done with it. There isn't more to say, really, except this: one down, at least four to go, of which three in Europe. Good luck bullying those three, Apple. Update: Psystar's lawyers have stated that the original story wasn't true. Psystar will continue to litigate the legality of Rebel EFI through the motion process described by Judge Alsup. They will also continue the Florida case.
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I had hoped things would go differently for Psystar's case, and that they would be able to help put an end to ridiculous EULA contracts that try to tie licensed software to specific hardware devices. Having said that, before anyone fires up their flame throwers to roast me alive, let me clarify that I support Software licenses, I am running a Hackintosh system that I built, and I purchased licensed copies of OSX Leopard, and OSX Snow Leopard which I'm currently running on the system. If I want to go to the trouble and hard work that it takes to get my licensed software running on a hackintosh instead of a real Macintosh system made by Apple that's my business. I always advise anyone who just wants to run OSX with no problems to buy and use a real Macintosh system from Apple. It would help to get people who want more than the mini or a imac but don't have the budget for a mac pro if Apple would make a mid-grade desktop tower system and offer it with upgrade options for the video card, memory, hard drive, and optical drives so if people need a system with two hard drives, or want a better video card,etc. then they would be able to do that. I personally don't like the Imac product line, and think the Mini is a little too limited for my requirements.

So in Summary, Goodbye Psystar, hopefully you didn't pave the road for changes to OSX that will permanently remove the ability for people to build and use their own Hackintosh systems if that's what they want to do.

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