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X11, Window Managers As a result of the MPX integration in the mainline X.Org Server, the French-based ENAC Interactive Computing Lab produced a new video showing off the new multi-touch capabilities using Fedora 12 with its X Server 1.7 and Linux 2.6.31 kernel.
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Mark Williamson
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"Increasingly I get as whether MPX allows multi-touch. The answer is neither yes nor no."

"here's the big difference: some devices can detect the area of touch, rather than a single point. And here's where it gets interesting, as this allows gestures. [...] This is true "touch support", and by far not commonplace yet. One of the prominent examples that supports true multi-touch is MS Surface."

So this demo is still cool and still allows multiple touch points, which is obviously a big improvement to a large number of users. It's just worth noting that devices can potentially support even more variation than just multiple points. The MPX guy also notes that getting multi-point is the harder part of the work and that he's experimented a bit with "full" multitouch support, so by building on top of MPX it should be possible to do that too.

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I would caution using that link; it's over a year old.

The important thing to note from this video and news, it that this is support in X, which does not mean support in toolkits.

However, since it is enabled by default, it will make more sense for toolkit developers to add the support.

Finally, even when that is done, that doesn't necessarily mean apps will play nice, as people could have developed things in a way that multiple cursors could break things.

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