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Mono Project The Mono project has released Moonlight 2, the open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight. Moonlight allows Silverlight content to run on platforms that do not have an official Silverlight client, such as Linux and PowerPC Macs. Microsoft also expanded its patent agreement with Novell to cover all users of Moonlight, no matter the Linux version.
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RE[2]: Comment by talaf
by memson on Mon 21st Dec 2009 13:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by talaf"
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Terminal, GIT/SVN, Python, Latex.

Unit testing? SVN is a shockingly poor SCM too.. GIT is a nice theory, till you try to use it with a large team working on common code or interdependent modules. In my experience it's better to use a locking mechanism in SCM, because it forces methodical thinking and gets developers talking to each other. Non-locking only works in a single developer/widely dispersed scenario. If all the team members are in a single office space, communication works best; locking forces communication.

Some people prefer doing things this way. What I’m saying is that even in 2009, using a text editor is still equal in power to any other way and that this means _equality_. Anybody, in any country, with any tools they can afford can compete on the world stage. Can OSnews not see the importance of that!?

I predict that whatever you produce will either be unmaintainable by anybody except yourself or will fail to run correctly. I've seen this attitude before, usually with fairly novice gung-ho developers. It's all very well making big statements, but results need to be documented, fully tested and stable. To be honest, any coder worth their salt can code in a plain text editor - the reason many don't is more to do with the amount of time they save. That is not being lazy, that is being pragmatic.

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