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Opera Software This is old news, but only just crossed my radar! Opera have made available a pre-alpha version of Opera 10.5. There's a massive amount of change under the hood, and I caught wind via
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Comment by eksasol
by eksasol on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 22:28 UTC
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sorry i am typing on mobile phone.

i stopped reading osnews for a while because the review for opera 10 was bias and unfair. (this is coming from a fan of firefox more than opera). the desinger who designed the opera and firefox buttons is the same person. those buttons style was used by opera first, so its firefox that is copying opera (among many other things). although i do have to admit Opera need to listen to customers more, fixing bugs and replying to customers request, this will gain them more users. if they want to compete with firefox, they'll need an addon system (not the limiting widgets.)

there are still more things firefox need to copy off from opera to improve, such as the bookmarking system. adding and maintaining bookmarks in firefox is a pain (the very little window that pops up when you press ctrl+d). it can't even sort them in alphabet order for christ sakes. i hear there are some people who uses "tab mix plus" to have 500 tabs opened at the same time in firefox. if they could maintain bookmarks as easy like opera they wouldn't had to require 500 tabs.

the opera ui provides maximum freedom, which is what osnews criticize about. people prefer to be limited of functions than to have too much. so in a way, it seem to backfired for people who are used to the firefox ui which is fixed solid and left-to-right oriented (unless with addons), which really came from internet explorer interface.

with that said, i am so spoiled with firefox addons that i will not likely switch back to it soon, unless there is noscript for opera (i know there are some, but doesn't work too well).

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RE: Comment by eksasol
by wumip on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 22:30 in reply to "Comment by eksasol"
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Opera does listen. Opera 10 was full of user-requested features. Opera 10 was also incredibly stable and bug-free.

Widgets are NOT supposed to be like extensions. They are supposed to be like regular apps.

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