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Opera Software This is old news, but only just crossed my radar! Opera have made available a pre-alpha version of Opera 10.5. There's a massive amount of change under the hood, and I caught wind via
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RE: Vega is now HW accelerated yet
by kaiwai on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 22:52 UTC in reply to "Vega is now HW accelerated yet"
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Actually, that didn't make it into this build! Neither did video (which they initially planned according to Twitter comments). So imagine the speed when HW acceleration is turned on!

Will Vega acceleration be across the board? will that mean that Opera will end up using Direct2D/DirectWrite? hopefully this will be the version of Opera that will pull me over - but then again, I have been spoilt by process separation and plugin isolation which chrome brings to the tale - that is the one and pretty much only reason I use Chrome ;)

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Well, Vega is their graphics library and it powers both webpages and the UI, but that doesn't mean that it's hardware accelerated. Currently it's software based and they still have about 4 times faster speed. According to some of the developers' blogs it is designed so that it is trvial to add a hardware acceleration backend and they have Direct3D and OpenGL backends, but they don't seem to be needing them

Vega can be hardware accelerated, but as you can see from the complex graphics benchmark in Peacekeeper, we don’t seem to need it yet.

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