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Opera Software This is old news, but only just crossed my radar! Opera have made available a pre-alpha version of Opera 10.5. There's a massive amount of change under the hood, and I caught wind via
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browsers can support whatever they like, the problem is that the standard itself is going to be up in the air until then. Considering that there is currently no free implementation that is good enough for google to consider using with youtube, I wouldn't be suprised if they just wait another 5-10 years to hammer out that detail.

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Just because it isn't a final recommendation doesn't mean it's up in the air. Browsers will work on aligning implementations all along, and the more mature the spec becomes, the fewer changes, even if the final spec is years away.

You need to educate yourself about how the process works before spouting nonsense.

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So maybe you didn't get what I was saying; this is one thing where the different vendors have different requirements and there is no technical solution that currently exists that meets everyones needs. This is one of those details that aren't going to get aligned for awhile, and it doesn't really have to be because we are nowhere near deadlines for it.

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