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OSNews, Generic OSes At the end of the year, mainly to shamelessly fill slow news around the holidays, OSNews usually asks the readers to share with all the other readers something about their computer setup. Since OSNews can be quite diverse when it comes to computing environments, these threads can often be quite interesting. This year, please chime in with the setup you use to read OSNews - computer, OS, software and maybe even provide screenshots or photos of your proud workspace. Has it changed a lot this year? Maybe switched browser, maybe switched OS even? Let everybody know!
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Main Desktop
by inaneframe on Fri 25th Dec 2009 21:41 UTC
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Here are the specs:

30" HP LP3065 (got it for $900)
Core 2 Quad 2.83Ghz (Yorkfield)
8GB DDR2 1066
768MB 8800 ULTRA (probably not going to upgrade for a long time)
2x500GB External eSATA
Lian Li PC-V2000 Silver
Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro II
Sidewinder X5 Mouse
Sidewinder Strategic Commander
Cheapest SpaceNavigator
Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablet (8.5" x 5")

1x Windows 7 x86-64 install (for gaming purposes)
1x Ubuntu 9.10 x86-64 install (for everything else)

I LOVE my main computer!

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RE: Main Desktop
by inaneframe on Fri 25th Dec 2009 21:49 in reply to "Main Desktop"
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I also have a MacBook 1.83 1,1 with a standard Ubuntu 9.10 install that I recently installed KDE 4.4 BETA2 from the PPAs for testing purposes. (I test every new version of KDE 4 to see how it's coming along, so far I'm liking this one). I'm typing these comments in Firefox 3.5 on the lappie right now. I'm loving the Chrome beta but it crashes regularly when I load it in KDE 4.4. Never had a crash in GNOME though.

Every once in a while, my MacBook overheats with Ubuntu 9.10 and just shuts down but I think it has a lot to do with power and fan management not being fully integrated with the chipset. (if anyone has any ideas as to why this is or how to fix it, I'd love to hear it!)

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I upgraded it to 2GB ram and an OCZ 30GB SSD.

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