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Internet & Networking "Their arrival heralded a new age of communications and they played a major role in the explosion of the internet. We're talking, of course, about modems. Here we look back on the development of this remarkable device."
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by cb88 on Sun 27th Dec 2009 18:51 UTC
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what do you mean history I am using a modem right now...

Opera helps a bit with compression a lot better than those turbo softwares dialup companies were giving out...

If only the fcc would crack down on price abuse by broadband companies ($20 is the limit IMO) and force them to substantially upgrade thier infrastructure at least to 1Gb fiber to the road and much larger trunk lines

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RE: history!?
by helf on Mon 28th Dec 2009 02:42 in reply to "history!?"
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heh, I used dial-up till a couple of years ago. Currently on an ~8/2mbit comcast cable line for about $45.. Happy with it. ;)

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RE[2]: history!?
by WorknMan on Mon 28th Dec 2009 11:34 in reply to "RE: history!?"
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Been on DSL since 1999... would never go back to modems. If I were thinking about moving into a new house or a new city, and they didn't have broadband in the area, that would be a deal breaker.

In regard to modems, although I've tried to understand what a lot of those AT commands do (like when you're getting zmodem transfers terminated because too many CRC errors, and you're trying to make that not happen), it just makes my brain hurt. Has anybody ever written a guide for these that is actually written in English?

AT&D0 DTR is assumed on
AT&K0 Disable flow control
AT&&S0 Force DSR on

Great, that's helpful... thanks ;)

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