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Google Like I said in the below item, it's a slow news day. This was further evidenced today by a story about the Google Chrome OS Netbook specifications, which, according to IBTimes, were leaked - to them, obviously. Together with the iPhone/NYC thing, this story gripped the internet and blogosphere today.
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RE[2]: Recaps
by inaneframe on Tue 29th Dec 2009 04:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Recaps"
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Umm, that list of 9 worst tech movies, it's funny, they list all notable tech movies of the last 30 years (with one or two exceptions), and Independence Day was not a tech movie.

And I always liked "Antitrust"

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RE[3]: Recaps
by DigitalAxis on Tue 29th Dec 2009 17:16 in reply to "RE[2]: Recaps"
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No, but Jeff Goldblum DID manage to take down an extraterrestrial fleet with a computer virus he seemed to just... have.

I cringed, for all the reasons CNN lists. It's a failure of imagination and logic.


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RE[3]: Recaps
by helf on Tue 29th Dec 2009 23:05 in reply to "RE[2]: Recaps"
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I own most of those , too. heh.

The worst one listed is Antitrust. OMG it is horrible.

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RE[4]: Recaps
by inaneframe on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 00:39 in reply to "RE[3]: Recaps"
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I really don't know how antitrust was bad. . . the plot was fine, there were no holes, the acting was at the very least adequate and, overall, not too unbelievable.

Please elaborate, if you will, exactly on what is bad about it.

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