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Hardware, Embedded Systems What laptop does Richard Stallman use? A Dell, HP, maybe even an Apple? No - RMS uses a rather odd laptop, a netbook powered by the Chinese Loongson processor: the Yeeloong, a completely Free laptop. From BIOS to operating system, this machine is completely open source. Wired is running a very interesting article on the Loongson processor effort.
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by Lunix on Wed 30th Dec 2009 23:16 UTC
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OpenSparc would seem to be more FREE (if you consider GPL free) than this.

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by Vanders on Thu 31st Dec 2009 00:54 in reply to "SPARC?"
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MIPS has been Open much longer than SPARC and implemented by far more engineers than SPARC, so it's better understood. The Open Source development tools are probably slightly better for MIPS than SPARC.

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by computeruser on Thu 31st Dec 2009 02:09 in reply to "RE: SPARC?"
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hrm? The MIPS instruction set apparently can't be fully implemented (legally) without a license for applicable patents. Is this a problem for OpenSPARC?

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by cb88 on Thu 31st Dec 2009 04:40 in reply to "RE: SPARC?"
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Are you kidding? first off MIPS is only as open as x86 in the IP sense that the ISA is open you have to design your own implementation and even then license it assuming you can afford it. There is no license currently required for SPARC and when there was I understand it was rather cheap (or so gaisler research says developer of the LEON Sparc)

There are full design specs and even HDL models (LEON and OpenSparc namely) available for sparc where is the model for the loonsoon (other MIPS models don't count since the implementation will be different)? I sure can't find any models for the CPU and all indications point to it being a proprietary implementation.

MIPS and SPARC are very similar from what I have read of the specs and taking a MIPS/DLX centric cpu organization class they are both RISC after all.

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