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Hardware, Embedded Systems Earlier this month, Psystar suspended all sales of its hardware products, honouring the court's decision which favoured Apple. This week, Psystar has also temporarily halted sales of Rebel EFI while the former clone maker confirms the tool's legality with the court. Psystar also announced it will continue hardware sales in the coming days - with Linux rather than Mac OS X.
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but I said that Linux committed suicide. At the time of Mandrake 9.xx, SUSE 8.xx and Libranet I believed that Linux had a glorious future on the desktop.
Here we are, almost 8 years later and the Linux community has done all sort of mistakes, especially bad when they missed the opportunity to gain a much larger market share thanks to the huge Vista fiasco.

How about giving some examples? What have they done that has been such a big mistake. Seems to be getting more and more usable as the years go by to me.

It is now much more fashionable than in the past to try Linux (or should I say Ubuntu?), but at least 90% of people who try go back to Windows or OS X in no time.

90% is a big claim. Care to back that up? What specifically is causing them to go back.

Actually I would say that Ubuntu today is a much better choice than Mandrake was in the early 2000's. I used to hate the fact that you couldn't just edit the config files. They had a warning on the top that they would be overwritten if you tried to do that.

I would never use a distribution that forced me to use their custom gui tools. I wanted to know how to use Linux, not Mandrake specifically.

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