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Hardware, Embedded Systems What laptop does Richard Stallman use? A Dell, HP, maybe even an Apple? No - RMS uses a rather odd laptop, a netbook powered by the Chinese Loongson processor: the Yeeloong, a completely Free laptop. From BIOS to operating system, this machine is completely open source. Wired is running a very interesting article on the Loongson processor effort.
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RE: Comment by kaiwai
by jokhva on Thu 31st Dec 2009 01:12 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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Even in China I have few clues where to buy one, I must say...

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RE[2]: Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Thu 31st Dec 2009 01:35 in reply to "RE: Comment by kaiwai"
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Even in China I have few clues where to buy one, I must say...

Apparently one can place an order through Alibaba:

I assume one would have to order a regular amount to make it worth their while selling it.

Oh, and according the details on wikipedia, the CPU is as follows:

Loongson 2F
4-way superscalar, out-of-order execution, 64-bit MIPS architecture processor core
Little-endian MIPS III-compatible ISA
5 execution units: 2 ALUs, 2 FPUs, and 1 address generation unit (AGU)
SIMD unit is integrated with one of the 2 FPUs
Separate 64/64 KB instruction and data L1 caches
On-chip 512 KB 4-way set-associative L2 cache
Integrated DDR2 memory controller
Integrated very simple video accelerator
Software-controlled dynamic power management
Max 4 W at 1 GHz

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