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Hardware, Embedded Systems What laptop does Richard Stallman use? A Dell, HP, maybe even an Apple? No - RMS uses a rather odd laptop, a netbook powered by the Chinese Loongson processor: the Yeeloong, a completely Free laptop. From BIOS to operating system, this machine is completely open source. Wired is running a very interesting article on the Loongson processor effort.
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If people want a centrally planned society... well... this is what we get... and I'm just going to have to contribute my 2 cents to at least make sure they build it right (which means taking into account industry).

As a capitalist system, the United States is a "centrally planned" society too. Wall Street, the Fed, CFR, WTO, centrally plan America's economy and to a large extent the world's economy, and have vast influence over unemployment, interest rates, real estate prices, wars, oil prices, etc. etc. They control the White House and Congress, making sure no challenges of this central power system may succeed.

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yep... that's kind of the point... we don't have a free market or freedom... so why do us in industry sit around acting like we do. We compete on prices and rant about competition and impose a meritocracy on our selves.... well screw it.

My mention of Obama was not that he was the beginning of central planning... but that he is continuing and expanding it (in new and dangerous directions)... instead of going in the opposite direction.

If what we have is a centrally planned society (Fed, big banks, big government, big unions, big public sector...)... well then I want engineers, industry, retail, service sector., farmers.. to also have a seat in this centrally planned society.

Anything less is just indentured servitude.

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More like slavery. The threat of master killing you and your family is replaced with you not being able to get anything due to having no money. With indentured servitude, the servants are meant to eventually get something worthwhile out of the deal.

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