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BeOS & Derivatives As I drag myself from cup of coffee to cup of coffee, led by the soothing sounds of The Eagles, still recovering from last night (happy new year everyone!), it hit me that there is this thing I normally do, this website. Anyway, we've got some good Haiku news on this first day of 2010.
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PPC also working today..
by kallisti5 on Fri 1st Jan 2010 18:22 UTC
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Just another quick Haiku-New years news item... Haiku on PowerPC now reaches the kernel debugger thanks to the work of Andreas Färber:

"INIT: init driver_settings
INIT: init notification services
INIT: init teams
INIT: init ELF loader
INIT: init modules
INIT: init semaphores
INIT: init interrupts post vm
exception handlers at 0x80898000
INIT: init system info
INIT: init SMP
smp_init: entry
smp_init: calling arch_smp_init
INIT: init timer
INIT: init real time clock
allocate_commpage_entry(2, 24) -> 0xffff0100
INIT: init condition variables
INIT: init VM semaphores
PANIC: looking up page failed for pa 0x80800000

Welcome to Kernel Debugging Land...
Running on CPU 0
Current thread pointer is 0x801ae3c0, which is an address we can't
read from.
kdebug >

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RE: PPC also working today..
by helf on Fri 1st Jan 2010 18:48 in reply to "PPC also working today.."
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lol, thats awesome.

"YES! It finally crashes properly!!" ;)

I REALLY hope the PPC port gets to work on NUBUS PPC Macs and not just newer machines.

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RE[2]: PPC also working today..
by cb88 on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 02:43 in reply to "RE: PPC also working today.."
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No kidding I have a powerbook 1400 (has the most awesome keyboard in the world) I wouldn't mind testing out with Haiku if a oldworld nubus port evershows up hopefully it has enough ram...

I have in fact booted a Debian potato Cd on it before (might have been sarge don't remember) so some of that code might provide some insight I do remember that the screen resolution had to be set in mac os since Linux didn't know how to control it yet.

only 60Mb ram so it would be a bit tight

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RE: PPC also working today..
by cerbie on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 09:54 in reply to "PPC also working today.."
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I think the Mac Mini here just did a happy dance in antici...pation. Creepy ;)

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