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Opera Software HTML5 Video is coming to Opera 10.5. Yesterday (or technically, last year--happy new year readers!) Opera released a new alpha build containing a preview of their HTML5 Video support. There's a number of details to note, not least that this is still an early alpha...
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RE[2]: s/depreciate/deprecate/
by tyrione on Fri 1st Jan 2010 20:26 UTC in reply to "RE: s/depreciate/deprecate/"
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Ah, thank you. Fix’d. You _can_ use Depreciate in British English, but this has all but died out now because of programming terms coming primarily from America. (Program instead of Programme &c.)

How does reduced in value have similar meaning to that of obsolete in British English?

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RE[3]: s/depreciate/deprecate/
by Kroc on Fri 1st Jan 2010 21:59 in reply to "RE[2]: s/depreciate/deprecate/"
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It’s hard to find details on the web (very Americanised), the two words have merged to a certain extent

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The first time I came across the term "deprecate" in programming was in Java. Before that I'd been using ADA, Pascal and [Visual]Basic.

For me "depreciating", as in "belittling/making less important" works just as well as "deprecating", as in "belittling/making obsolete". The difference is semantics, either way it points me to the fact the construct "we" are about to use may not be a good idea and may be destined for removal.

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