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BeOS & Derivatives As I drag myself from cup of coffee to cup of coffee, led by the soothing sounds of The Eagles, still recovering from last night (happy new year everyone!), it hit me that there is this thing I normally do, this website. Anyway, we've got some good Haiku news on this first day of 2010.
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RE: Qt On Haiku
by matako on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 11:02 UTC in reply to "Qt On Haiku"
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- Open/Save dialog boxes, which dialog is open, QT or Haiku?
- You have two file managers open, you rename a file in one, say in the QT one. Will the changes take effect in the other explorer too
- If you copy content such as an image or text from a QT app, is the content available in Haiku?

Haven't tested it much but so far...

- Open/Save panels seem to be Haiku native and work ok.
- If a Haiku application sets up and listens to the Node Monitor notifications, then yes, changes wil be visible immediately in Haiku applications no matter what changed them - happens on the FS level. However, it is something completely application dependent. No Haiku application needs to monitor those changes nor it is automatic.
- The clipboard works for text, havent tried other types of data. In general, Haiku/BeOS relies on MIME typing for clipoard snippets, so I am not sure if all the details are covered, but it certainly works for text.

All in all - a solid port. Very usable and performance is actually quite good. In fact, I am writing this in Haiku (gcc2 hybrid, works out-of-the-box) with Arora Web Browser on an AMD XP2000 system and find it to perform better than BeZilla...

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RE[2]: Qt On Haiku
by OSGuy on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 11:25 in reply to "RE: Qt On Haiku"
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Thanks for that helpful reply matako. I appreciate it, and yes I agree in relation to file renaming. I have tried doing something similar with Windows and it is 100% app dependent. Well it is looking good then. I am not sure why you got modded down and why. Unfortunately it won't let me + it, I think your response is great though.

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RE[3]: Qt On Haiku
by matako on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 11:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Qt On Haiku"
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Tnx. I did some more testing - For one thing Qt4Haiku seems to use native controls. For instance, when Panel Background color is changed in Appearance applet, control colors in Qt4 apps change pretty much the same way as native haiku apps (which is a bit erratic, btw - the panel background color seems to affect buttons and other controls more than it does... panels).

There is a visual glitch here and there.. especially in text boxes but nothing major.

Actually this all makes sense - in the BeOS/Haiku the acclaimed BeOS C++ API is actually the lowest documented level for application development (at least for GUI apps) and therefore you get a lot of compatibility for free or without much effort.

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