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Amiga & AROS People, this is an interesting thing to follow first-hand. Hyperion, the company behind AmigaOS4, has been talking about its "Most Ambitious Project" for a while now, but on December 31, they started teasing the Amiga community like crazy. They opened a site called, which is most likely about the MAP.
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Comment by Hondo
by Hondo on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 20:00 UTC
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Sometimes a computer/userbase are not ready to lie down and die. The Amiga line of computers created a great momentum and became a true phenomenon in the computer scene. With it's many clever approaches both in hardware and software, the Amiga made history in so many ways, that it was unforgivingly the way the owners treated it, and ultimately sent it to certain death in 1994.

The users were NOT READY to lie down and die, and kept hoping for some other company to come along and continue the fantastic ride the Amiga had given them. But sadly hard times was ahead, and it's first today the Amiga starts living again with AmigaOS 4.0 and new PPC hardware.

So to the people out there who thinks the Amiga history should end now...forget it! - Even the smallest companies can sometime make a difference!


May it live long and truely deserves it

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