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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Just before Christmas Songbird 1.4.0 was released, and a new fix versions was released today as 1.4.3. Songbird now supports MSC storage devices and CD ripping, bringing the app one step closer to replacing iTunes for some users. What's particularly interesting is that Songbird now specifically pushes their product against users of Android, Nokia and Palm smartphones -- which is something I also suggested a few months too. Hopefully Google, Nokia, and Palm will get behind the small team in San Francisco to help out the cause, since it's also on their best interest too.
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RE[2]: Awful
by segedunum on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 22:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Awful"
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It IS slow (P4 at 3Ghz here). But then again, iTunes doesn't fly on Windows either.

iTunes is being used by people now, comes with every iPod and has a massive installed base. Quite how you figure people are going to use a cheap knock-off that has all the performance and arcane issues of any XUL application I don't know. We also have a ton of other media players, particularly on Windows, such as Winamp should people wish to use them. Sync? People are already using iTunes for that.

No one is terribly interested that it is just as slow as iTunes. It will make no one switch, not that they would anyway.

And besides, that's why I wrote that Palm, Google and Nokia should HELP these guys. Because they already have done the bulk of the work, and they have the framework, all it now requires is polish.

Palm, Google and Nokia don't give a shit because it's not quite that important to them and the framework is a pile of dog turd that is trying to compete with a firmly entrenched existing application in iTunes. The thing choked on getting through a quarter of my music collection that Winamp has happily imported in for years. I don't know why you think it would be important to these companies since it's all been done before. If they want to create such a player then I'm sure they can make a better job.

There is very little point to Songbird. We have applications like Winamp as alternative players and there have been many, many efforts to create alternative iTunes knock-offs and iPod sync alternatives.

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