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General Development Here's something you probably don't know, but really should - especially if you're a programmer, and especially especially if you're using Intel's compiler. It's a fact that's not widely known, but Intel's compiler deliberately and knowingly cripples performance for non-Intel (AMD/VIA) processors.
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It's not Intel's fault that AMD doesn't offer an alternative product...

Actually, they do, in cooperation with Sun: see

Sun Studio Express compilers for Linux are available
free of charge for commercial and noncommercial use, and are probably the best AMD-targeting compilers out there since the demise of PathScale. They do a very good job for Intel processors too, for that matter (typically within
1% of Intel, according to benchmarks I've run).

It's sad that they haven't advertised this better...

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RE: Alternative product...
by Scali on Mon 4th Jan 2010 15:50 in reply to "Alternative product..."
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And they don't seem to support the biggest platform: Windows...
Because that's what it's all about... PCMark05, a Windows benchmark, written in C++.

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