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Internet Explorer It would appear that Microsoft will finally take standards compliance in the browser world seriously, after dragging its feet for years. Back in November 2009, the Redmond giant already revealed that Internet Explorer 9 would come with CSS3 and HTML5 support, and now the cup runneth over, as Microsoft has requested to join the W3C's SVG Working Group.
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RE[6]: Comment by Kroc
by spiderman on Thu 7th Jan 2010 22:00 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Kroc"
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XAML is a markup language for UI layout and vector drawing. SVG is used for vector drawing, but for UI layout it's really not anywhere near XAML which offers the tightest object model integration of any declarative markup out there.

It seamlessly merges vector drawing with layout positioning as opposed to in XHTML where there is a hard distinction.

Silverlight includes a subset of the .NET Framework. C# code executed by Silverlight is faster than any Javascript implementation out there.

I believe there is no point in silversight, java or flash in the browser anyway. What a browser does is render xhtml. If what you want is RIA, then just skip the browser. XHTML separates content from layout and positioning. Blind and semi-blind people can read content, disabled people can click on links with their head, people with old computers can read the text... It's what xhtml is about. SVG is a nice addition because it is accessible too and it integrates nicely in xhtml and CSS. If you don't use XHTML in the browser, then just don't use a browser!

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