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Multimedia, AV My favourite media centre software, Boxee, has just launched the highly-anticipated new beta version of its XBMC-based media centre, complete with a redesigned user interface. On top of that, Boxee launched its very first piece of hardware during CES, the Boxee Box, together with D-Link. It's an impressive little device.
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Awesome design
by Mark Williamson on Fri 8th Jan 2010 02:55 UTC
Mark Williamson
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That really is a cool piece of design. It's impractical because I'd usually want my under-TV devices to stack - but part of the reason you stack them under the TV is that you don't want to look at them. I could gaze at that box quite happily, so I wouldn't want to cover it up by stacking anything on it!

I guess it might be good if there was a more conventional-shaped model on offer for those who need it, with the embedded-in-table look remaining as a flagship model.

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RE: Awesome design
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 8th Jan 2010 04:02 in reply to "Awesome design"
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I just wonder how much the design jacked up the price. It sounds like a reasonable buy around $200, but It would be killer at $100.

Its officially being considered for my purchase, despite, rather than due, to the design. Give me boring functionality any day. Long live the beige tower.

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