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Multimedia, AV My favourite media centre software, Boxee, has just launched the highly-anticipated new beta version of its XBMC-based media centre, complete with a redesigned user interface. On top of that, Boxee launched its very first piece of hardware during CES, the Boxee Box, together with D-Link. It's an impressive little device.
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Not tried (or even heard of) Hulu until now - so I might give it a play this weekend.

Well, remember the two are not the same thing - Hulu is a free online video service that has a standalone program... Boxee is a general purpose media player that can provide free online content.

Most of my complaints are in regards to free online content and not accessing my local content - since that's all I care about for a program like this.

Playing back local/LAN content? That's what Media Player Classic HT is for... but then I HATE these slow 'libary' type interfaces (like iTunes) because I do this really retarded thing and name all my files sensibly and put them into well organized folders - so what the **** do I need Library indexing or dozens of meaningless fields nobody bothers to fill out anyways?

(Yes, I'm the BeOS fan who didn't understand what was such a big deal about the extra information in the filesystem nobody actually bothered to fill out for each file anyhow)

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I agree with you whole heartedly about media libraries that re-catalogue your data based on it's own assumptions instead of following your strict folder set up.

I'm the same in that I prefer a strict directory layout and get annoyed when apps like iTunes think they know better.

Thankfully Boxee respects my directories - which is one of the main reasons it's now my primary media app.

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Yeah, I have yet to see a music library solution that doesn't occasionally think one of the songs in an album is a separate album because of some weirdness in the ID3 tags.

Then there are other problems, like the database getting out of sync with the files, or the media scanner not finding all files, or something else.

I've been tempted for a while to write my own, simplistic server for my Squeezebox, but haven't quite found the motivation to start on the task.

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