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Windows As inevitable as the tides rolling in: every time a new Windows version is released, someone with too much time on his hands tries to install it on extremely outdated hardware. Sure, it won't be usable by any standard whatsoever, but it's still a fun thing to do. Of course, Windows 7 couldn't lag behind.
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by stooovie on Sat 9th Jan 2010 16:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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I know that indexing doesn´t improve performance.

But then, I believe indexing does improve MY performance. If you turn off every bit of cleverness that is built into current OSes, you deprive yourself of a great deal of clever functionality that is designed to make YOU faster. I´m not telling everyone needs them, but it´s downright stupid to disable them without even knowing what could be their benefit.

What is more important - windows opening half a second faster or me being able to find anything in half a second? For me, it´s the latter. YMMV.

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by wigry on Wed 13th Jan 2010 08:49 in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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It is down to use patterns. There are people how are customed to use search box to find things. But then again, there are plenty of people who keep their files organized, know by heart what lies in their documents/music/video directories and therefore are used to access their files directly and never touch a search box. Thats because the file index is in their heads and they try to get the OS out of the way in the means of automated file organisation/indexing.

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