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Multimedia, AV Songbird, the open source iTunes alternative (which we reported on earlier), has landed a big deal with Philips. The Dutch electronics manufacturer will bundle Songbird with its GoGear line of .mp3 players as the music management and sync tool. While this is good news for Songbird, there are is a catch.
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Most of your complaints were already addressed by BeOS. Custom lists? They're called queries, can be made permanent, and update instantly (as in, no delay). Of course, queries in BeOS were extremely powerful, and the UI could be a little overwhelming if you tried to dive too deep into the possibilities.

However, it could be made easier using something like drag and drop - what you use in iPhoto too, now. Instead of creating a query by specifying conditions, you could let the operating system define the conditions based on the files dropped into the query.

Sure, this wouldn't be easy to make, but most certainly not impossible.

While you call us geeks, I call you limited by what you see aorund you today. Dare to think beyond what you have now, and look at your computer as something that can make your life easier.

Right now, Microsoft, Apple, and the open source world do very little to make your computer work for you instead of against you. BFS-like queries are a magical ingredient which has never been used to its fullest potential (see my idea of using them to manage applications).

urely if everyone used an open document format you should just be able to edit a web page or spreadsheet or anything just from the file manager - after all they're only files too right?

Why not? Why should I have to open Word in its entirety if I spot a spelling mistake in the file preview? This makes absolutely no sense to me, and is a classic example of developers NOT making life easier for us.

So yes, it should be possible to perform basic editing functions for word processor documents straight from the file manager. In fact, I'm annoyed that we STILL, in 2010, do NOT have this functionality.

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Dare to think beyond what you have now, and look at your computer as something that can make your life easier.

Thom, I actively develop both applications and procedures to make life easier for my client's businesses, working with a lot of people and a lot of technologies in the process, thus having an understanding of exactly what the marketplace is dealing with. I have been doing this for over 20 years, adopting new useful technologies, on multiple platforms, as they become available. What's your expertise in this area?

And I can absolutely guarantee I spend a LOT less time "managing" my file system than you do yet my filesystem is very clean and tidy. I use tools that do it for me - very efficiently, and without me having to put any effort into it. That doesn't mean I am 100% happy with the current model, but I see significant benefits in it that aren't there in manual methods, and it's certainly much more duplicable. So until something better comes along that is simple enough for the masses that I have to work with to understand, I'm very happy to use it.

I also find it incredible that someone like you who is always crying about monopolies and even in this article about bloated software would suggest that the OS vendors should push even more developers out of the market by building additional functionality into their OSes, some of which would not be used by very large segments of the market, and by doing so make the OSes even more bloated than they currently are.

And in all of this we haven't even touched on the security implications of just being able to plug a device in and access all the crud on it...

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