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Multimedia, AV Songbird, the open source iTunes alternative (which we reported on earlier), has landed a big deal with Philips. The Dutch electronics manufacturer will bundle Songbird with its GoGear line of .mp3 players as the music management and sync tool. While this is good news for Songbird, there are is a catch.
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RE[4]: Music Manag - acdsee
by jabbotts on Sat 9th Jan 2010 22:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Music Manag - mass renaming"
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In my Windows days, acdsee was a fantastic blend of file manager and media manager. If you can find it, look at acdsee "classic" as the version after that started adding in extra crap.

Your point about media managers for common users is also why I suggested it's ability to sync content (in my case focusing on music) in addition to providing a simply mounted drive view.

I also think the challenge for average users learning the file manager is generally overstated though. Windows file manager isn't that complicated to use and provides a clear icon view as does the osX file manager and various X DE managers. You can spend a day training them on a specific type of media manager or you can spend a day training them on the file manager which allows them much more than just the limited media type. It's the same with any other program, the user who opens Word then goes looking for there .doc is not nearly as effective as the user who opens file explorer and sees all relevant files grouped together within a project related directory; open the file, let the system deal with feeding it to the right application.

I do get grief with teaching average users though too. In my case, we can train them to better use the Windows file explorer and a rational directory structure or we can spend an absurd amount of money on implementation and training for a full CRM system.

(I'm not a professional F1 race driver, but I am required to have a minimum understanding of how to start a car and steer down the street.)

(edit): I meant to repeat the original suggestion - by all means, allow the media manager to sync content. But, do this as an added layer on top of allowing users to manage files directly through the file system. This way, one can work as they like and no one is forced to use a specific proprietary app.

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