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Multimedia, AV Songbird, the open source iTunes alternative (which we reported on earlier), has landed a big deal with Philips. The Dutch electronics manufacturer will bundle Songbird with its GoGear line of .mp3 players as the music management and sync tool. While this is good news for Songbird, there are is a catch.
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The file manager concept as we know it from Windows, Mac and most other contemporary OSes, are closing in fast on its best before date.

They reminds me of the time when you located your favourite web page by finding it in Yahoos tree.

As we store more and more information on our computers, structural retrieval is becoming harder and harder.

Today we google or bing for files on the internet, why not have similar solutions for our hard drives.

It should be possible to add an arbitrary amount of meta data to each file. This meta data could be added manually or autmagically, e.g. if we get a file by mail the system should add metadata carrying information on from whom we got it. If we send a file to somebody by e-mail the file should know that too, If it is a webpage, it should know what other pages it links to or from. If it is photos facial recognition software could try to put names to the person on the picture, provided we once had given it a picture of that person and specified a name manually. For songs there are services on the internet that can tell you who wrote it or who sings, that kinds of services could be integrated to create meta data, statistics and rule based systems could be used to provide meta data that could answer question like: Give me that sales forecast for customer X in project Y two weeks ago.

The problem is to get good configurable user interfaces. For common tasks like photo and music management most file managers could have default views that the user to easily could modify if needed.

In other words file managers, should be more like music managers or photo managers, not the other way round.

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In a way I agree: the system should automatically add metadata to files, anything that could prove useful sooner or later, and should have a system for "plugins" that extract even more metadata for certain types of files, for example in the case of images a plugin registered only for image data could try and recognize the people in the picture.

But that raises an obvious privacy concern: how much of the metadata should be visible and accessible to other users of the computer? And how much of it all should be sent along when you f.ex. compose an email and make an attachement?

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Profound post, and point that I very much agree with.

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