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Multimedia, AV Songbird, the open source iTunes alternative (which we reported on earlier), has landed a big deal with Philips. The Dutch electronics manufacturer will bundle Songbird with its GoGear line of .mp3 players as the music management and sync tool. While this is good news for Songbird, there are is a catch.
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One the one hand, I strongly disagree with you about using the file manager to view and manipulate documents. A file manager that also tries to perform lots of tasks specific to given document types will quickly become the most slow and bloated bit of software on your computer. I'd prefer that my file manager just manage my files, and leave actually using/manipulating the contents of those files to applications that are actually good at it.

Urgh, the idea of a file manager that's also trying to be a document viewer, music player and photo-editor, among God knows what else... is truly, truly cringe-worthy. Konqueror was trying to do that, and I freaking hated Konqueror for it.

But, specifically, for the task of moving media onto media players... that probably is a job for a file manager, as it involves moving your files between devices. And actually, on some platforms, with some devices, you can just use your file manager (my iRiver, for instance). The reason you can't just use your file manager with many media players has much, much more to do with the distributors of those players wanting to lock you into their platform and control your use of the device than any deficiency in the host OS or flaw in its design.

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