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Multimedia, AV I followed the hype: Reddit, Slashdot's front page, months of thumbs up on my blog and various video forums by Linux users for OpenShot. Given that I'm longing for a usable Linux video editor since 2003, and given that OpenShot version 1.0 had just been released, I naturally gave it a go, by also downloading its provided dependencies on my Ubuntu Linux 9.10.
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This is wrong. Very, very wrong. [...]

Recently, it seems like open source developers have started doing the same thing: a project to 1.x status waaaaay before it's ready, with a lame excuse such as "hey, this way we get attention". KDE is of course the biggest offender.

Even I, with my limited knowledge of the English language, I had perfectly understood that KDE 4.0 was meant to be more of a technology preview than a production-general public release. And I tried it knowing this.

No, please, give up repeating this tale about how KDE lied to us by announcing a 4.0 release which was not complete or ready for production. NetBSD has still both KDE 3.5.10 and 4.3.1 in its pkgsrc. Guess why? They provided an older, stable alternative better suited to conservative users and production environments. I cannot recall of any new distribution using KDE 4.0 by default. Even Kubuntu let out a "remix" version of Hardy for brave users/testers, clearly separating it from the officially supported one.
So it seems pretty much everyone (I know, hyperbole) had understood what KDE 4.0 was meant to be.
I don't GaF about the ".0" thing as long as they tell me "It's just to say out loud that we have reached a milestone on our path". And don't tell me it was not clear.

These version number shenanigans just lead to situations like this: harsh reviews that will turn people off the project. It happened to KDE, and it will happen to this project too.

Great attitude. A bit too arrogant to be a fortune teller, I'd say.

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