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Multimedia, AV I followed the hype: Reddit, Slashdot's front page, months of thumbs up on my blog and various video forums by Linux users for OpenShot. Given that I'm longing for a usable Linux video editor since 2003, and given that OpenShot version 1.0 had just been released, I naturally gave it a go, by also downloading its provided dependencies on my Ubuntu Linux 9.10.
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and all anyone can do is complain. I have been waiting since 2006 to edit my wedding video in linux (having exhausted all of the other video editing options) and can finally say that I've done it with OpenShot. It's not perfect, but can anyone here say that this isn't the best video editor for linux?

It has developed at such a rapid pace, and all by one person, that I can't believe this article wasn't skewed in the positive a little. Oh wait, it was Eugenia that wrote it. She loves to hate Linux video editors. She is perfectly entitled to her thoughts, but I can't help but get an extremely negative spin from her.

The very first time I used OpenShot, I emailed John and thanked him for doing a great service to the free software world. I suggest anyone that likes OpenShot to do the same. I can't wait to see where the project goes from here!

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There was no "negative spin" in my review. It was objective, 100%. If anything, I'm LONGING for a stable video editor, for years now! My husband was sitting next to me, researching some geohashing stuff while I was testing the app. He could see the freezes too, he could see the crashes, he could see me dropping to a text screen in order to kill the frozen X11. So no. I didn't dream up the instability, neither I live in a different quantum dimension where version 1.0 had not been released yet. What I wrote in the review, is 100% truth. No negative spin, no under-the-table sentences or meanings. For those who know me from the olden OSNews days, or even just read my blog, they know well that I'm a straight-up person, even if they might not always agree with me.

And the truth is, the thing is super-unstable. It's unusable. This project is definitely not "the first good video editor for linux", as you wrote in your title. Don't believe the hype. So I would appreciate it if you're a bit more careful with your accusations.

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Eugenia's reviews tend to be pretty blunt and to the point with some personal opinions thrown in a couple places, which can rub some people the wrong way. But I don't see the problem, she's just being honest.

She might be wrong about a few things (video editor more complex than a browser engine???), but she gives a pretty good account of what an end-user will experience with with this, which is the whole point of the review. So stop attacking her for just reporting what she saw.

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It has developed at such a rapid pace, and all by one person

Common misconception.

First and foremost, OpenShot uses MLT, which is basically the KDEnlive engine/backend (in crude terms, bear with me here). MLT/KDEnlive have existed, if I am correct, since 2002. OpenShot seems to be "just" piggybacking on the KDEnlive project. Writing a frontend for video editing in a year is possible, but writing a complete frontend + engine/framework/backend in a year? No way in hell.

I can't imagine how deeply annoying it must be to other video editing projects to see OpenShot arrive on the block, reuse the engine of an existing project and basically clone it in PyGTK "cause KDE/QT stinks and stains my pure GNOME environment" (note: I actually a GNOME user/fan, and this quote is a satyre of the mentality I see around the project's users) and then subtly let users believe (through hype and insufficient clarifications) that the whole thing was written from scratch in a year. Urgh.

Second point: while Jonathan is the primary figure on the project, as far as I know (I could be wrong), he is far from being alone working on the project.

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