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Microsoft Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard today announced a three-year $250 million partnership to simplify IT environments through a wide range of converged hardware, software, and professional services solutions. This is a broad agreement with many components, building on the 25-year Microsoft-HP partnership, which works toward new models for application delivery, hardware architecture, and IT operations. The goal is to deliver the "next generation computing platform" by leading the adoption of cloud computing.
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RE: wasted money?? what?
by strcpy on Thu 14th Jan 2010 15:26 UTC in reply to "wasted money?? what?"
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I'll tell you where the wasted money is. Its sitting on the users desktop. Millions of desktop computers throwing off heat that has to be cooled and sucking up electricity while at the same time driving data away from the data center. Cloud computing is going to change that. Cloud computing isn't going to be about using all you apps online, its going to be about your entire desktop being online. Some very large financial institutions are in the middle of rolling out their entire infrastructure using virtual desktops. Parallel computing means nothing to the average user, since the computer already has to wait for the stupid monkey to hit the button anyway.

BS. And with the shadow of the Cloud, we are suppose to buy new and new and new gadgets specifically tailored for Cloud or Cloud 2.0.

I'll tell you where the wasted money is.

The wasted money from the point of view of the Cloud comes from people who still feel that their computers are Personal. Once the Cloud is installed, be expected to be at the mercy of advertisements. Once the Cloud 2.0 is installed, be ready to pay for content. Once the Cloud 3.0 is installed, the Internet is very similar to the Television.

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