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Hardware, Embedded Systems It's funny how while software changes so fast, and many hardware components evolve at ridiculously fast paces (processors, memory, hard drives), the keyboard has remained largely unchanged over the years - until recently, that is. Even Lenovo has now buckled under the pressure, switching to a chiclet-style keyboard for ThinkPads - while also removing the SysReq key.
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RE[2]: Insert & Caps Lock
by Ludicrous on Thu 14th Jan 2010 17:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Insert & Caps Lock"
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As for caps lock, I always liked the way the Apple II keyboards were laid out. Ctrl was to the left of the A (on qwerty keyboards anyway) and caps lock was at the very bottom left out of the way. I often remap my keyboard this way especially in *NIX and Windows, where ctrl is used frequently. On that note, anyone know if PC keyboards still exists that have those keys positioned this way from the factory?

My keyboard of choice is the HHK series.

I currently use this variant. Caps Lock is tucked as Fn+Tab (I never find myself using the Caps Lock key).

Just an FYI

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