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Hardware, Embedded Systems It's funny how while software changes so fast, and many hardware components evolve at ridiculously fast paces (processors, memory, hard drives), the keyboard has remained largely unchanged over the years - until recently, that is. Even Lenovo has now buckled under the pressure, switching to a chiclet-style keyboard for ThinkPads - while also removing the SysReq key.
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This is just a continuation of the deterioration of the Thinkpad keyboards. I have a T40p and a T60. The T40p keyboard is definitely better than the T60 keyboard. The T60 keyboard just feels cheaper but it's still better than a lot of other laptop keyboards. This is just taking it another step making TP keyboards just as awful as what most other manufacturers offer. It's a sad day. I was hoping that Lenovo wouldn't screw up the TP that much when they bought the IBM PC division but they did.

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