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KDE I've been investigating switching my desktop distribution from Kubuntu to something more... Seriously maintained. I love debian, and consider it one of the best distros out there, but Ubuntu's KDE variant is downright pathetic.
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RE: Not Very Complete
by tessmonsta on Mon 18th Jan 2010 21:52 UTC in reply to "Not Very Complete"
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And to be completely frank, I agree. This isn't really a "start a discussion" article. I had written it entirely to convey personal experience rather than as a more scholarly, researched article. Doing do would have taken more than the 34 minutes it took to write what I did.

I think *everyone* has their own personal opinions on what they want out of a distro. That's what's great about the Linux ecosystem, I don't have to swallow the one authorized version. The "Perfect Distro" doesn't really exist, but I can look for what feels pretty close to perfect for me.

Honestly, I'd love it if OSNews featured a Blog post section so that more casual posts (like this one) can be submitted and kept separate from news-oriented posts.

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