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BeOS & Derivatives And now we're ready to start picking the fruits of Qt being available on Haiku. We reported on the completion of the Qt port to Haiku on January 1, 2010, and now we already have KOffice running on the open source recreation of the BeOS. A modern office suite for Haiku!
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I haven't tested this, but I'd like to point out that KOffice is being adapted (professionally) for the Maemo platform, so keeping the footprint down is a priority for KOffice and the KDE platform. First results are an MS Office doc viewer: .

That's good to hear - I hope someone will adapt it to Haiku's native widget system...

These images make it look somewhat alien running on Haiku:

A truly integrated port would be neat...

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FWIW, I even see some potential answers to my questions here..

100% cpu utilization while KOffice is running? (unless the act of taking a screenshot caused that spike)..

Maybe somewhere between 50-100mb memory utilization to use KWord or KPresenter (Haiku with 512mb RAM consumes ~80mb by default after startup, some of which I assume is just file cache).

I'm still curious about the disk footprint.

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IIRC the screenshot app usually use all the cpu while taking the screenshot.

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