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ReactOS The ReactOS project aims to be an open source Windows NT-compatible operating system which can run Windows applications and utilise Windows drivers. Obviously, this is quite a daunting task, and as such, progress has been relatively slow. As a result, project coordinator and kernel developer Aleksey Bragin has proposed a rather drastic solution.
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RE[5]: Hmmm
by wigry on Tue 19th Jan 2010 19:11 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Hmmm"
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Imagine a small and minimalist OS which is there just to run Wine. I don't want to install full linux distro just to run wine. In addition, linux + wine are two different things and Wine is not well integrated with Linux.

Nice small well integrated system which sole purpose is to support hardware, run Wine and provide acceptable user experience is all I need with out myriad of config files and ReactOS with its seemless Wine layer is a perfect solution.

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