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FreeBSD BSDForums interviews FreeBSD Release Engineering Team's Scott Long relating to various aspects of FreeBSD. Topics discussed include FreeBSD general issues, its academic roots, how FreeBSD compares to other BSDs - OpenBSD, NetBSD, and the ongoing debate on FreeBSD vs. Linux. Scott gives us his perspective on the corporate adoption and popularity of FreeBSD. He brings us up to speed on FreeBSD 6.0, its new features and enhancements, including Apple G4 PowerMac, AMD64 and wireless compatibility. Scott also discusses FreeBSD 6.0's upgrade path and release timetable.
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Why I went with Linux and Windows
by on Wed 5th Oct 2005 16:41 UTC

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I truly love FreeBSD. The simplicity and elegance of the configuration files is unmatched. The stability and speed is breathtaking. FreeBSD is a beautiful system. My RedHat box takes over a minute to boot, FreeBSD does it in less than half the time. While it might not be the most advanced OS on the planet, it definately can hold it's own and is definately the most innovative OS. FreeBSD leads, others follow. In fact, I have a suspicion as Linux's SMP reaches it's limit because of it's simple design, a lot of lifting and hard work will be taken away from the BSD implementation.

That said, I used to advertise my BSD skills on my resume. I no longer do that anymore. There are a few jobs out there dealing with BSD but I don't want them because I don't know where FreeBSD will be in 5 years. I love FreeBSD, but my bookshelf is full of books covering routers, switches, Linux, Windows, Exchange, SQL Server, perl, dns, postfix, etc. The few books I had about FreeBSD are now in the attic. After years working in the computer industry, I have come to the realization that the superior solution hasn't always won because of it's superiority. Even though Linux is a lot dirtier, and Windows is a complete mess, I've never had problems getting either one to get the job done. And if companies want skill sets in those areas, I have to comply. I am not in a position to go against the grain.
I really do wish the FreeBSD project luck. I do hope that one day they own a major part of the market. When that day comes, I will be exstatic to get back into FreeBSD. Linux, Windows, Cisco are my source of income, FreeBSD is a source of happiness.

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"...I don't know where FreeBSD will be in 5 years."

If I may....

Multics was supposed to kill BSD
VMS was supposed to kill BSD
Netware was supposed to kill BSD
SysV was supposed to kill BSD
Mach was supposed to kill BSD
Windows was supposed to kill BSD

I'll see your Linux and raise you 30 years of BSD.

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please, take this as a lesson in English:

it's = it is

if you want to show possession then the word is:


definately is not a word. definitely is a word.

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You sound weird, you loose!

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