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Mac OS X The Mac version of BumpTop, the 3D desktop which shipped for Windows last year, has been released. It more or less works the same as the Windows version, but with lots of Mac-specific features and looks. It also supports multitouch gestures on Apple's trackpads.
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Bumptop should be an SNL parody
by nt_jerkface on Wed 20th Jan 2010 19:56 UTC
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there should also be a virtual coffee cup that can spill and ruin documents.

I've never thought operating systems should allow icons on the desktop since the typical user makes such a mess with them. Multiple shortcuts to the same program, shortcuts to shortcuts, random files from a decade ago.

And this company wants users to be able to create piles of them as well?

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tchristney Member since:

Hey, if I want a recursive pile of folders, who are you to tell me it's a bad idea?

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Yeah, back in the day, my co-worker made a floppy of death. With knowledge of the fat file system, he made a recursive folder with a single 1 kb file. All you had to do to kill windows/dos/ windows nt was to ask it the total disk space used of the folder or disk.

You could increase/ decrease the time to death by adjusting the file size.

I'm not sure if that's possible with HFS+, but hey ... What file system do usb thumb drives have ...hmm...

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dagw Member since:

Users who make a mess of their desktop will make an equal mess out of any folder or data storage structure you give them. There is nothing inherently wrong with the concept. The only 'solution' is to forbid people from organizing their data in the way that suits them best and that probably isn't a sensible way to go.

And even though many peoples desktops insult your sense or order most people find it the most efficient way for them to work, and at the end of the day shouldn't that count for something.

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Tuishimi Member since:

It's funny that you say that... I am a slob, but I organize my file system in nice, tidy packets of categorized data... while my brother who is a super neat and clean freak IRL just dumps all of his files onto his desktop.

Anyway, I tried Bumptop last year (I got an email ahead of this article, BTW, to download and try their new version) and while it seemed clever, I would never use it since my desktop is kept 98% bare. Its performance is not bad, which surprised me for some reason, I thought it would be a dog. I imagine this release is even better.

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