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Mac OS X The Mac version of BumpTop, the 3D desktop which shipped for Windows last year, has been released. It more or less works the same as the Windows version, but with lots of Mac-specific features and looks. It also supports multitouch gestures on Apple's trackpads.
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It's funny that you say that... I am a slob, but I organize my file system in nice, tidy packets of categorized data... while my brother who is a super neat and clean freak IRL just dumps all of his files onto his desktop.

Anyway, I tried Bumptop last year (I got an email ahead of this article, BTW, to download and try their new version) and while it seemed clever, I would never use it since my desktop is kept 98% bare. Its performance is not bad, which surprised me for some reason, I thought it would be a dog. I imagine this release is even better.

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