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OSNews, Generic OSes Taking a break from reporting on the latest netbook or phone rumours, Engadget posted an article yesterday about several elements in desktop operating systems writer Paul Miller finds outdated. While there's some interesting stuff in there, there's also a lot to discuss.
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I am one of those people who FREAKS OUT if anyone touches my screen... if there is a smudge, I get the windex out and spend minutes cleaning my screen. My wife's iPhone is always all smudgy from the kids grabbing it and playing games on it and stuff...

I WILL GO INSANE if I have to touch my screen to get stuff done. So... can we invent another method of manipulating our data? I don't know, blue tooth gloves that record and transmit gestures? Anything? Something?

Hey, maybe that is it. Maybe I could make my millions by inventing blue tooth gloves and a virtual, holographic keyboard!

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finally , i know i am not alone in the world about that ;)

how many "funny" moments i had when my boss and co workers try to point things at my laptop screen , and i just push the laptop away slowly ;)

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You and me both!

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I agree totally. I use my screen for graphics and video, I don't want smears and smudges hiding any detail.

I can live with it at work, even though the screens are a total mess, but I don't want that at home.

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