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Windows An intrepid web developer has re-created the entire Windows 3.1 experience within a browser window, including games, notepad, and a web browser. Truth be told, the included web browser is a major anachronism, since it's apparently standards-compliant in 2010.
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And people say....
by Milo_Hoffman on Sun 24th Jan 2010 14:29 UTC
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And people have the nerve to say that "Linux isn't ready for the desktop."

Funny how no one said this to Microsoft when the masses were buying this piece of crap.

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RE: And people say....
by Tuishimi on Mon 25th Jan 2010 07:37 in reply to "And people say...."
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That was decades ago. UI's used by the masses was mostly VT100's tied into a DEC or IBM mainframe. The concept of a Personal Computer and a glitzy, GUI was new and that was ... it.

You could get a Mac for a bajillion dollars or if you worked at a university like MIT or worked at DEC you could be using X Windows and Motif.

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RE: And people say....
by rcsteiner on Mon 25th Jan 2010 17:15 in reply to "And people say...."
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Those of us who were using PC/GEOS and OS/2 at the time (and those of us who used Macs) were QUITE vocal about the fact that Windows 3.1 was a piece of crap. Believe me. :-)

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