Linked by Steve Husted on Wed 5th Oct 2005 17:53 UTC
Gentoo I've been wanting to try Gentoo for some time, but always had to roll my eyes at the pages and pages of installation instructions. This time, however, I rolled up my sleeves and buckled down. Minutes later, I was on my way.
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Slacker tries Gentoo
by TaterSalad on Wed 5th Oct 2005 18:57 UTC
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I use Slackware on an older laptop, but I do give this guy credit for trying Gentoo. Gentoo just isn't a good fit for me as I don't have the time to spare by waiting for it to compile all the apps from scratch. I realize I don't have to do it that way, but if I were to use gentoo, I'd rather do it the way it was designed. So in Slack, I will install the base of the distro and utils, then download and compile the sources for the extra apps (provided they aren't too big), then make a tgz file and install it that way. Keeps the system somewhat clean, and uninstalling apps is a heck of a lot easier that way.

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